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Capture 8 Intrusion Alarm -AVS

143 $

AVS Lebanon

Capture 8 zones intrusion alarm System with built in dialer


Since 1974, leader in the burglar alarm market, AVS has been designing ideas, developing and manufacturing security systems capable of conquering the world wide market in terms of quality and technology, MADE IN ITALY systems and solutions for family safety, wired burglar alarm systems and via radio for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Well, simply put, Kfoury Engineering is the best and foremost AVS distributor in the Lebanese market and our warehouse is located in bikfaya Lebanon. But we are more than just a distributor. we are, your business partner in Lebanon, and we want to help you succeed beyond your imagination.

Security guards and operators can’t be in several places at once – but technology can. Our Intrusion and alarm technology ensure that every corner of your property in Lebanon is monitored at all timesand that any threats can be quickly identified and dealt with.

Configurable zones: 8 basic zones on the main PCB or on expansions – NC inputs, NO inputs, up to 2 HP sirens, Outputs: 3 on the control panel and 4 zones that can be used as outputs and up to 8 with expansions (relay + O.C.) – Keypads: up to 8 ICE, A500 and A500Plus – Codes and keys: 64 user codes, 64 emergency codes, 64 remote controls, 64 proximity TAG – Programming of system: via keypad or with XWIN software – USB port for configuring the system and updating the firmware PSTN telephone dialer: integrated, sending of calls with digital protocols and voice messages to a max of 16 telephone numbers – optional GSM dialer, MYAVSALARM App available, optional DIGIVOC with more than 300 personalize words and HELP guide for listening to voice messages, Memory: more of 500 events – Integrated time programmer with 16 daily operations and holiday management – Power supply unit: 13.8 Vdc 1.2 A switching, 12 Vdc 7 Ah battery – METAL housing – dimension 275 x 305 x 90 mm (LxHxW)


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