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Spectrum DT AM Wired outdoor motion Detector – AVS

258 $

TRIPLE-TECHNOLOGY outdoor volumetric sensor


  • It is a wired volumetric motion detector with dual infrared sensor and planar microwave designed for both internal and external protection.
  • Sensor designed for the protection of outdoor areas and the minimization of the risk of false alarms due to weather conditions, environmental elements, animals, etc.
  • It has a buzzer and LED for the optical and sound alarm signaling function (Walk Test).
  • It is equipped with:
  • Thermal compensation, whereby the sensor automatically adjusts the performance of the system to compensate for changes in ambient temperature. Its own performance can, however, vary considerably in relation to particular temperature ranges.
  • White light and solar filters to optimize performance of the infrared sensors
  • Accelerometer that indicates tampering (does not detect vibration). The sensor indicates unauthorized removal as a TAMPER event.
  • Anti-masking with infrared, comprising an RX receiver and a TX transmitter with active infrared that detect obstacles at a distance of about 7 cm in front of the sensor.


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