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Kfoury Engineering is your one-stop shop for all your security and power needs. We offer a wide range of products and services to keep you and your property safe.

Access Control

KFOURY access control systems help prevent unauthorized entry into your facility or an area within your facility.

Our knowledgeable representatives will get to know your building and your business to provide the right solution for your access control needs. We use innovative technology from leading manufacturers and customize your system to include components and functionality based on your specific requirements.

Smart Security Solutions For Any Situation

At Kfoury Engineering, our experience and relationships set us apart from other security companies. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest service and products and will continue to work hard to build meaningful relationships with both our clients and partners.

Nothing is more important to you than the safety of the people and assets in your facilities. Our access control systems give you control over who has access to your facility and when they have access.

We have been in the security industry for over a decade and have established relationships with some of the most respected names in the business.


At KFOURY, our goal is to provide peace of mind to business owners and building managers/owners looking for security solutions – the kind of peace of mind that comes from exceptional service, prompt follow-up on details, and forthright responses to your questions. We provide access control system equipment from leading manufacturers because we believe the independence to choose the right system and the right service partner leads to a better, simpler service experience. We want to be the service partner you can take at their word and continually rely on.

Not sure what you need for your security? We've got you covered.

Our professional technicians will recommend an innovative system for your business’s unique needs. We provide equipment from leading manufacturers, not proprietary systems, giving you the freedom to choose the right systems and the right service partner. We believe this leads to a better, simpler service experience. Our Time-Keeping Systems: Control labor costs, Track compliance, Improve employee productivity, Use reliable technology, and Are easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access control can be applied to both physical security solutions as well as logical ones. The access control system permits only authorized personnel to enter the building or system. The system does this with a password protection system or for a physical system, a key card or fob is utilized. These fobs can be controlled remotely to be activated or deactivated.

No, access control systems are extremely versatile and can work on a variety of entries and exits such as elevators, gates, parking restrictions, vehicles, and garage doors.

Biometric access control is a developing technology that relies on human characteristics like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition to work alongside or replace, traditional means of access.

Time & attendance solutions are designed to be simple and intuitive. But don’t be deceived, these systems can be powerful tools to drive operational efficiencies, automate key workforce management processes to reduce costs, and provide real-time management visibility.

Time and attendance systems can help your business in many ways, from accurately monitoring employees who are early, late or absent, to tracking production efficiency or even handling